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How sustainable is Anekdot?


Anekdot is a German lingerie and swimwear brand for women. It sources the materials for its lingerie and swimwear from production leftovers, off-cuts deadstock and vintage trimming and turns them into new products, making Anekdot an upcycle brand. Because it scavenges the materials itself, every product is limited edition and slow fashion. The design studio in Berlin manufactures in a small factory nearby in Poland, which limits the transport emissions. Because it’s only a single factory, which is located in Europe, it allows the brand to have oversight into the production process and make sure fair wages and workers’ rights are being respected. Anekdot also takes great care of its packaging, doesn’t use plastics or fillings, and reduces waste wherever possible. Most of its products are vegan.

Publication date: May 22nd 2020
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