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How sustainable is Carharrt?


Carhartt is an American workwear brand. The company was founded in 1889 and started out making uniforms for railroad workers. Currently, the company advertises as a durable and quality brand that manufactures durable products. While that might be true, the company doesn’t make any substantial efforts to promote transparency and sustainability in its production process. There is no sustainability report and the company does not provide any information about its carbon footprint, material origins or whether human rights and animal welfare are being respected in its supply chain. When a brand doesn’t offer any information, there are several risks you take as a consumer. For example, the climate impact of that particular brand or product can be much higher compared to its industry peers. The company might use certain harmful chemicals or there might be animals or humans harmed for the manufacturing of the product. For these reasons we believe that you should be aware of how products are produced and how a company as a whole operates in regard to our pillars. When there’s no transparency, you are at risk of supporting some or more of the previously mentioned harmful conditions.

Publication date: May 18th 2020
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