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How sustainable is Claudie Pierlot?


Claudie Pierlot is an accessible luxury brand. It’s part of SMCP Group, a French company with four brands: Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot & De Fursac. All four are inspired by Parisian chic. The mother company doesn’t publish an annual sustainability report, but some of its brands provide information about their operations on their individual websites. Claudie Pierlot has its own sustainability program, called Claudie Cares, but the information the brand provides is very fragmented and not transparent at all. The brand states that it has published a carbon footprint, but the results are nowhere to be found. It has neither set any climate targets, nor has it provided information about the environmental performance of its supply chain. The company does use more environmentally friendly materials, and has set the target for 80% of its products to be eco-friendly by 2025, but doesn’t provide a definition of what it believes eco-friendly is. Besides that, there is very little information available about its material sourcing. It has only very recently banned fur and doesn’t provide information about what animal-derived materials it uses. Claudie Pierlot doesn’t report on labor rights, hasn’t yet published a factory list, and doesn’t have a membership with an independent third party that conducts audits. Without transparency on labor rights and evidence of independently monitoring organizations, there is a substantial risk of labor abuse.

Publication date: July 25th 2020
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