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Etiko is an Australian producer of fair trade and vegan apparel and footwear. The family-owned business started because it wanted to be confident that the apparel and footwear it was buying was not made under bad labor conditions. Fifteen years later, it’s fair to say the company has succeeded. The company is the first brand of the southern hemisphere to be Fair Trade certified and continuously makes sure the people who work on its products are paid living wages, improving the lives of everyone in its supply chain. Etiko is serious about labor rights in its supply chain and it explains its commitment expresses itself in three ways: making sure fair prices are paid so workers and farmers can improve their businesses, only doing business with factories that uphold labor rights, and setting an example for other businesses by speaking out on the topic. Etiko’s certifications prove that it lives up to its slogan: wear no evil. When you buy an Etiko product, you can be confident that people were not harmed in the process. The same goes for animals, because it’s a vegan brand. Though the company gets a perfect score on labor rights, there is still room for improvement in terms of sustainability. We’re currently missing a central sustainability report that includes energy and water consumption, and offers more insight into the supply chain. We know that most of Etiko’s materials are certified, but there’s a lack of transparency on the topic. That being said, the B Corporation has a very small carbon footprint, is reducing this further, and is on target to reach carbon neutrality in 2020. The company has a take back program, so you can hand in your old pair of Etiko sneakers for recycling. Etiko uses almost no plastics in its packaging and where it does it makes sure it’s biodegradable and compostable and from a reputable company. The Australian brand’s approach to business is more than just doing what it’s asked, it actually makes a positive impact with its company by lifting people out of poverty and creating a better life for them.

Publication date: March 22nd 2020
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