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Fair Wear Foundation

Filippa K has been around since 1993 and has with its minimalist, Scandinavian styles grown into a global brand with 34 stores. In comparison to other sustainable brands, the company has been around for longer, and it’s admirable that it has scaled up into a global brand, while simultaneously producing at a larger scale and maintaining sustainability. Filippa K’s clothing is designed with circularity in mind and it uses a large amount of eco-friendly materials in its production. The company is also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, which ensures a sustainable and social supply chain. On top of that, the brand is improving supply chain elements, like water use, and is actively reducing emissions by optimizing transport efficiency. But Filippa K is not there yet. The percentage of more sustainable materials can be increased and there’s no carbon footprint and relevant environmental data, which for a brand of this size should be manageable to track and publish. On one hand, it’s admirable that the company is producing both more sustainably and on a larger scale than its industry peers, but on the other hand, its track record raises expectations for a bit more transparency and relevance concerning the numbers in its reporting. All in all, Filippa K is amongst the more sustainable brands. There’s a little bit more room for improvement.

Publication date: April 7th 2020
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