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Global Organic Textile Standard

Fresh and Clean Apparel is a British apparel brand with circularity in its heart. It produces quality garments in partnership with UK based shirt manufacturer Teemill.

Circular fashion

It’s claim to circularity mainly derives from three elements it nails. First that means going waste-free. Everything that the brand produces can be send back to them, which they can then re-use to make new clothes. The garments come with QR-codes with return labels which allows you to easily send back the garment to Fresh & Clean whenever you want. When you do, they offer a £5 coupon on your next purchase. Waste is designed out, materials flow back into the loop and you even get rewarded. Everybody wins!

Natural systems

The second element of circularity is using natural systems. Because the brand is rather new it must rely on mainly virgin materials for the time being. The material of choice is 100% organic cotton from the North of India. This is also where its supply chain is located and the cotton is transformed into clothing. Its facilities in India are certified by SA8000 and GOTS, which guarantee social standards, and environmentally friendly, organic processing.

Renewable energy

The third and final subject of Fresh and Clean Apparel's circularity framework is the use of circular energy. Back in the United Kingdom the graphics are printed in a the Teemill facility that runs 100% on renewable energy. In India the assembly factory the brand works with utilizes renewables as well. 

Is it for you?

While Fresh and Clean Apparel is doing great on circularity, this does not mean that there is no room for improvement. The brand does not specify the names of its suppliers which makes it very hard to verify their true social and environmental performance . Proof of payment of a living wage is also not provided which is especially in India a goal that a lot of brands struggle to achieve. However, Fresh and Clean Apparel checks a lot of boxes. The brand has circularity in its heart, uses organic cotton and is safe for vegans. All in all this is a great brand that is implementing circularity practices within an industry that is very far from adopting this at a larger scale. If you’re on the fence for a sweater or t-shirt and you’re considering Fresh & Clean Apparel, we won’t stop you!

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