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How sustainable is Jan n June?


Jan n June is a German sustainable clothing brand for men and women. The company believes affordable fashion doesn’t mean a trade-off between profit and people or profit and environment. It practises what it preaches. Almost all materials are certified and its production takes place in a family-owned factory in Poland with whom it has built a long lasting relationship. Jan n June bans as much plastics as it can and doesn’t use any animal materials. The company also states that transparency is part of its sustainable business model. This shows in the QR-codes on its garments, which you can scan to reveal the supply chain and origins of the materials. But a better step to take in transparency, is the measurement and publication of generated emissions and climate impact of transportation, energy use and wastewater. Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be complicated and that’s what Jan n June stands for. But there are a few simple but important factors the company can improve upon.

Publication date: April 11th 2020
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