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Kuyichi is an ethical denim brand from Amsterdam. The company takes pride in being the first organic denim brand that started in 2001 and is built from the ground up with fair trade and sustainability practices in mind.

Organic, fair and vegan

Almost all of its production is done in Turkey, where the company has strict policies for production of its denim in place. Sandblasting is strictly forbidden and the ethical brand ensures that materials originate from sustainable sources. Kuyichi uses mostly organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials, which adds up to its jeans being organic, fair and vegan. The company has published a list of manufacturers on its website to promote transparency, and is a fresh new member of the Fair Wear foundation, which is an organization that performs independent audits and reports and helps companies towards best practices in their supply chain and payment of a living wage.

A new beginning

The company almost went bankrupt a few years ago and was balancing on the verge of its existence. But led by a new team, with its pioneering history in place, it seems to go full steam ahead at the moment. Kuyichi aims to be one of the most sustainable brands in the industry and is definitely pioneering and improving rapidly. But it’s not completely there yet. Currently, the denim brand doesn’t provide information on carbon emissions and hasn’t put targets to reduce them in place. However, the company is in the process of collecting data and increasing its transparency. Other areas of improvement that are already in progress are transportation, factory performance and upcycling. Already a great brand, but there’s always room for improvement. Definitely keep an eye out for Kuyichi.

Publication date: April 7th 2020
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