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How sustainable is Maje?


Maje is an accessible luxury brand. It’s part of SMCP Group, a French company with four brands: Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot & De Fursac. All four are inspired by Parisian chic. The mother company doesn’t publish an annual sustainability report, but some of its brands provide information about their operations on their individual websites. Maje particularly provides information about its materials. Its leather is Leather Working Group gold certified, its cotton is about 35% organic or recycled, and the percentage of recycled polyester versus conventional polyester is increasing. The company shows it’s improving, but should be more transparent. For example, it states that 49% of its wool was sourced from recycled wool in its latest collection, but doesn’t provide sources. All in all, Maje achieved 22% more eco-friendly materials in its latest collection, an increase of 10% compared to the year before. The company doesn’t report on carbon emissions and shows no signs that it measures and tracks environmental performance in its supply chain. It’s taking some climate action though. Its labels and bags are completely made from recycled plastics, and it’s decreasing its dependence on air transport on which it currently largely depends. Unfortunately, Maje doesn’t report on labor rights. The company hasn’t yet published a factory list and doesn’t have a membership with an independent third party that conducts audits. Without transparency on labor rights and evidence of independently monitoring organizations, there is a substantial risk of labor abuse.

Publication date: July 25th 2020
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