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Peta Approved Vegan

Norden Project is a sustainable Canadian outerwear brand that was founded in 2018. Though the brand is relatively new, the brand gets almost everything right! Norden Project is very transparent about what materials it sources and where manufacturing takes place. The company is already a B Corporation and certified by PETA since it does not use any fur, feathers, and leather for its products. All designs are done at home in Canada, but Norden Project’s finished goods are made by a certified manufacturer in China, and their coat insulation is made in the United States. The brand encourages recycling with its close-the-loop program, and it mainly works with sustainable materials. At the moment, Norden Project does not provide information about its carbon footprint, which makes sense for a company this young. So even though there’s room for improvement there, just about everything else the company does is fair and sustainable.

Publication date: November 6th 2020
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