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How sustainable is O'Neill?


O’Neill is originally a California surf brand, founded by surfer Jack O’Neill, who is credited with inventing the wetsuit. Back in the day, he founded the O’Neill Sea Odyssey, an independent organization that still educates kids on marine conservation. While seemingly an environmental and outdoorsy company at heart, things have changed for the brand. In 2007, the brand was acquired by Logo International, a Dutch company that also owns WE Fashion. While there are some things that O’Neill does in an effort to contribute to improving its business ethics, it basically comes down to a membership with BSCI, who conducts independent audits for working conditions in the supply chain to improve worker conditions. And even though that’s all the company could muster, the reports don’t paint a pretty picture of O’Neill’s working conditions. The company mentions using a few recycled materials, but actual percentages of sustainable or recycled materials are not disclosed. O’Neills marketing screams images of blue oceans and words like ‘responsibly’ and ‘recycled’. But a company which relies this heavily on nature and responsibility in its marketing materials without any substantial efforts to conserve this in any way, loses all credibility in our eyes.

Publication date: March 31st 2020
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