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How sustainable is Rozenbroek?


Global Organic Textile Standard

Rozenbroek is a sustainable British clothing brand that was founded by women. It’s a vegan brand that produces all of its items locally in small batches.

Prioritizing transparency and sustainability 

The British brand is very transparent and sustainability is its number one priority. For each garment, the company shows which materials were used, where the materials were sourced and where the garment was manufactured. Rozenbreak clearly specifies per product how you prolong its lifetime and reduce your ecological footprint. On top of that, the brand offers a 10-year warranty to repair or recycle the garment for free.

Organic and biodegradable materials

Rozenbroek uses 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton from India and Turkey for its collection. Other materials that the company sources from Turkey include organic bamboo yarns and a small amount of elastane for stretch in certain fabrics. No chemicals are involved in the growth process of organic bamboo and it saves a lot of water compared to other crops. But in order to manipulate bamboo into a flexible fabric, a lot of chemicals are needed. We therefore believe that bamboo is ultimately not the most sustainable choice. It’s worth mentioning that except for the elastane, all of Rozenbroek’s materials are organic and naturally decomposable. Even the buttons are made from corozo, a vegetable resin that resembles plastic but is completely biodegradable.

Locally designed and produced

Because the British brand believes that it’s difficult to monitor workers’ rights in factories abroad, it built its own local supply chain of factories and garment makers. All of its garments are designed in London and handcrafted by fairly compensated, skilled craftsmen in its own solar-powered factory in East Yorkshire. Rozenbroek recycles its offcuts and uses recycled, recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

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