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How sustainable is SAPPH?


Sapph is owned by Cool Investments, a Dutch company that offers limited transparency about its brands. There is no information about its supply chain and material origins remain largely unknown. There are a few targets, like a higher percentage of more sustainable cotton, and Cool Investments is implementing ways to decrease energy use in its stores, but most information that is provided feels very fragmented and cherry-picked. Concerning animal materials, the company states that it only uses Responsible Down Standard down, but then doesn’t specify the use of other animal materials. To ensure social standards in its supply chain, it has partnered up with Amfori BSCI, which sets standards and independently audits factories. But then again, the results of these audits aren’t published. Cool Investments also mentions that it strives for a climate-friendly way of conducting business, but there is no transparency concerning the emissions it generates while conducting it. Improvements are needed and the company seems to have started to put them in place. We need more information about its emissions and actual climate targets to reduce these. However, with a few smaller targets the company has set, it has begun its journey towards sustainability. But in order to really improve and validate Cool Investments’ efforts toward a more sustainable company, the first actual step would be to offer more transparency than it does now.

Publication date: March 31st 2020
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