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Fair Trade

Global Organic Textile Standard

SKOT is a sustainable, Dutch male fashion brand that mainly specialises in shirts and t-shirts. The brand uses 100% more sustainable organic cotton with either the GOTS or OCS certificate. Buttons for its shirts are made from more sustainable materials like coconut, corozo or pearl and where it has to use yarns, the company makes sure it uses recycled polyester. SKOT shows a serious commitment to making a positive impact and is pushing forwards to keep increasing the percentage of recycled materials to eventually offer a completely circular product.

Fair fashion

SKOT is completely transparent concerning material sourcing and labor conditions of its operations. Production mainly takes place in Europe and it sources materials near the production facilities to reduce the impact of transport. The main production facility for its shirts is located in Istanbul and is BSCI certified. T-shirts are made in India where the factory has the SA8000 certificate. Because this factory is connected to the Chetna project, which improves cotton sourcing and pays fair prices to the cotton farmers in India, the shirts have the Fair Trade label. The company also doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, which is verified by the Greenpeace Detox certification.

A shirt revolution

SKOT has introduced and patented a system of shirt-attached knobs, called Ascolite, that contains a product passport with your purchase details and decreases shipping emissions by minimizing packaging and delivering your shirt without any plastics right to your doorstep. When you are done using the shirt, you can hand it in and receive a 10% discount on your next purchase. Improvements can be made particularly in the field of transparency, but the company fully acknowledges this fact. A data-driven sustainability report that covers its entire operations and the carbon footprint it generates, is the next step and exactly what SKOT is working on. All in all, the pioneering brand is on a mission to revolutionize the way shirts are made and has proven to be a force for good.

Publication date: April 10th 2020
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