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How sustainable is Studio Jux?


Studio Jux is a sustainable Dutch fashion brand that strives to improve the economic situation in Nepal. That’s why all of its suppliers are located in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Besides its social mission, the brand focuses on its environmental impact.  

Sustainable and ethical materials

Concerning materials, 100% is either organic, fair trade, natural or recycled, or a combination of these. It’s also completely transparent about the origins of its materials. The brand uses many innovative materials, such as Oeko-Tex certified vegan silk made of wood pulp from sustainably managed forests to make dresses, polyester recycled from PET bottles to make jackets, or recycled paper for buttons. Other sustainable materials Studio JUX uses are GOTS organic hemp, linen and cotton, Fair Trade cotton from Nepal, and different types of wool that are knitted in a GOTS certified factory. In 2017, the company’s fabric manufacturing processes were certified by GOTS (87%) and Fair Trade (7%), and the remaining 6% is expected to be SA8000 certified. Studio Jux uses three types of wool: merino, lamb and regular wool. It indicates that the merino and lambswool comes from a factory that has a green and social heart and that the regular wool is hand-knitted through a women empowerment project. However, for wool, the certificates are missing to guarantee that animal rights are adhered to.

Outstanding conditions for workers throughout the supply chain

The brand is transparent about its supply chain and shows where each item of clothing is made. Of the Studio JUX collection, 70% is made in its own factory called Studio Nepal, 25% is knitwear made by the GOTS certified factory called Yeti Fashion Design, and the remaining 5% comprises jewelry made in women empowerment projects. The company has a Code of Conduct and, with its supply chain in Kathmandu, it supports over forty Nepali employees and their families. Studio JUX offers 100% of its employees a living wage, social security and healthy working conditions. However, the brand currently hasn’t joined forces with an organization like the Fair Wear Foundation to provide more insight through audits.

Concerning energy, 100% of the electricity Studio JUX  uses in its own factory in Nepal is generated by renewable sources. The company’s office and shop in The Netherlands run on green electricity, and it sends most of its orders out with bicycle couriers. With a sustainability report with more measurable results and quality marks, the brand can certainly receive an A-rating in the future. But, all in all, Studio Jux certainly offers a nice alternative to fast fashion.

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