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How sustainable is Thinking Mu?


Global Organic Textile Standard

Thinking Mu is a sustainable Spanish fashion brand that was founded in Barcelona in 2010.

Sustainable materials

The brand approaches transparency differently. Per product, Thinking Mu shows which materials it’s made of, where it’s made and what its environmental impact is. That is a tremendous feat. Unfortunately, this reporting method doesn’t provide a clear overview of totals and percentages. The Spanish company mainly uses innovative sustainable materials, such as tencel, ecovero, organic cotton and hemp, and many recycled materials. A lot of the materials are GOTS certified, but conventional hemp and leather are also used. It’s unclear how much Thinking Mu uses and whether there are quality marks in place. At least we know for sure that the wool is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard.

Insights into the supply Chain

Thinking Mu indicates that it works with Fair Trade producers. Nevertheless, information is lacking about factories and producer groups the company works with in China, India, Nepal and Spain. A large part of its production takes place in high-risk countries in terms of workers’ rights. There’s currently not enough transparency concerning the extent to which factories are being monitored and workers' rights are being respected. The brand is very transparent about its product, but it would do well to publish an annual sustainability report, so that it becomes clear what exactly its environmental impact is.

In terms of packaging, Thinking Mu uses fully biodegradable and recycled materials for its hangers and garment labels. The brand distinguishes itself from the fast fashion industry and doesn’t engage in sales discounts.

It’s clear that Thinking Mu is committed to sustainability, but it could score higher by aligning more with quality marks and offering more information about the supply chain. For now, it scores a solid B and we would definitely recommend it as a sustainable brand.

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