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How sustainable is Twothirds?


Twothirds is a Spanish fashion brand that has its headquarters in Barcelona. The brand mainly uses sustainable materials such as organic cotton, tencel, hemp and linen, but it is not completely clear about the totals and percentages of its materials. Besides that, It’s unclear whether its wool is certified and therefore whether animal rights are upheld.

European production process 

The brand’s entire production process takes place in Europe, and it only works with suppliers with whom it has built a long-term relationship. All manufacturing stages take place in Portugal, France, Spain and Italy, and all fabrics are produced in Austria, France, Italy and Portugal. These are all low-risk countries in terms of workers' rights. Besides that, all the cutting, sewing, dying and washing takes place in Portugal. Some raw materials have European origins as well, such as the wool and linen it uses in its production, but a substantial portion of its raw materials comes from China and Argentina. It’s not clearly communicated to what extent audits are carried out and workers' rights are complied with there.

The brand is actively reducing its use of plastics and is engaged in making packaging more sustainable. All in all, Twothirds is well on its way to becoming a sustainable brand, but before we can recommend it as a sustainable alternative, it will first have to come up with more results and affiliated labels.

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