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Under Armour is an American sportswear brand that grew fairly quick into one of the world's largest sportswear companies. The company has a global reach and has managed to be a competitor to big established brands like Nike and Adidas. But unlike its competitors, Under Armour does not offer any transparency at all about how it practices business. There is a giant lack of transparency in its reporting. The company doesn’t provide any information about its carbon footprint, material origins or how much energy and water its use in their production process. Labor conditions also pose serious threats. Even though Under Armour is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and the Fair Labor Association, it doesn’t provide any relevant information about whether its factories are living up to the standards. And then there’s animal welfare. Because the American brand doesn’t provide any information about material origins, we don’t have information about animal materials either. On top of that, the company produces hunting gear and is actively sponsoring trophy hunters which is not a very good indicator for animal welfare.

Publication date: April 9th 2020
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