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How sustainable is WE Fashion?


WE is a part of Logo International, a Dutch company that also owns O’Neill and Van Gils. The brand is working on improving for the better. It’s offering some transparency into its operations and has an active policy that states it should only work with responsible suppliers. WE is also increasing the percentages of more sustainable materials for its clothing every year. In 2018, 47% of cotton was sustainably sourced and 34% of materials in general were marked as sustainable. With targets in place to increase these percentages, WE is on the right track. There is a lot more to be done though. The company doesn’t publish scope 3 emissions and has to work on its packaging. It’s still using some animal materials, like mohair, and although WE works with factories and suppliers that have to have a valid independent audit certification, it can more actively improve the lives of the people who are responsible for the production of its clothing by paying a living wage.

Publication date: March 31st 2020
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