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It’s hard to know how fair a brand is. That’s why we do the research for you.

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There are sustainable alternatives for all kinds of products! And we will keep adding new ones. There’s always a new brand to discover.

Reduce your impact

By buying from fair brands you can reduce your impact significantly. A fair brand has a smaller carbon footprint, uses sustainable materials and maintains an ethical supply chain for both humans and animals.

Save time

It’s incredibly time-consuming to find out how fair a brand is. We do the research, so you don’t have to. With Fairify, you know instantly if a brand is worth your buck.

How it works

All you have to do is install the free Chrome extension, and we do the rest! After that, the extension detects what you’re shopping for. When you’re looking at a brand we’ve rated, the logo of the extension changes to the corresponding rating, ranging from A being the best and E being the worst. Simply click the extension to learn more and get your alternatives.


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Our categories

Brands are placed in one of the six following categories. Our goal is to rate everything from household products to travel. We’ve started by taking a closer look at the fashion industry. More categories will follow soon.

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Our mission

Conventional production continues to encourage bad labor conditions, unnecessary emissions, and the maltreatment of animals and our oceans. At the same time, it’s nearly impossible to know what brands line up with our values. We believe that change is possible. That we do pick the more sustainable product over the conventional one when the information is available. We want to provide you with the information that allows you to make the best decision you possibly can. Because every time we have a choice, we can choose to have a significantly lower impact on the planet and the people and animals that live on it.

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Fair alternatives for everything

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