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How sustainable is Alchemist?

Alchemist is an ethical, fair and luxury clothing brand. It has managed to produce luxury garments with more sustainable materials and hip styles. This combination makes the Dutch brand a standout name in the clothing industry. Almost all materials the company uses are certified, including all cotton being GOTS certified. It has signed up with the Open Apparel Industry to publish its complete supply chain, which allows you to see exactly where your clothing is produced. In order to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, Alchemist moved a large percentage of its production to Europe. As we speak, 80% is produced in Portugal and only a small percentage of production takes place in India. Alchemist’s factories are certified and regularly audited by third parties. The company does use animal materials, but these are responsibly sourced. A point of improvement is the tracking and publishing of what happens in its supply chain. Though hard to do for a small company, tracking water use, energy use and emissions generated in the supply chain is the next step to take.

Publication date: April 11th 2020
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Sustainable fashion for women

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