Fair, eco-friendly fashion from Germany

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How sustainable is Armedangels?

Since its founding in 2007, the German brand has grown into one of the biggest, if not the biggest, sustainable clothing brands. From the start, it’s been their mission to change the perception of sustainable clothing towards a more modern one. Through the combination of a great production process, marketing and design, Armedangels has raised the bar for the fashion industry. All materials the company uses are certified and almost all of their products are being produced in Europe. All factories are regularly audited and, as a member of the Fair Wear foundation, the eco-friendly fashion brand ensures good working rights and a living wage for the workers in its transparent supply chain. Armedangels uses renewable energy in its operations and its innovative low-emission packaging is biodegradable and small. The company is animal-friendly, but not completely vegan. It stated that its collection is 90% PETA-approved vegan, so it is possible that some items contain wool or mother-of-pearl. A tiny point of criticism is that Armedangels does not publish reports with clear overviews of the relevant numbers and facts. It also does not publish numbers concerning emissions. Although these numbers are most definitely lower than those of industry peers, transparency is essential and there’s still room for improvement.

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Fair, eco-friendly fashion from Germany

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