Shock Absorber

Sportsbras by Hanesbrands

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country of origin

United Kingdom

mother company

Hanesbrands Inc.


How sustainable is Shock Absorber?

Shock Absorber is a fashion brand owned by Hanesbrands, an American company owning a broad range of household brands. The company publishes a sustainability report that includes an amount of total emissions, but doesn’t specify them. There is almost no information about the material origins of its products. However, there is a target for reducing carbon emissions. The fashion brand wants to reduce by 40%, the same percentage it has in place for reducing energy consumption and renewable energy, for which it states to be on track. But with no specification for emissions, especially concerning scope 3, the company doesn’t offer enough insight into how it is really doing in terms of environmental performance. Hanesbrands does appear to be more socially conscious than most brands. Unlike the norm in the fashion industry, the company owns a large number of the factories where its clothing is produced. This allows it to monitor and improve environmental and social performance in its supply chain. While this has great potential for transparency, Hanesbrands doesn’t provide any data on its actual performance. All in all, Hanesbrands is on the move for the better, but needs to focus on transparency in order to further improve its sustainability.

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