It’s time to radically change how we consume

Conventional production continues to encourage bad labor conditions, unnecessary emissions, and the maltreatment of animals and our oceans. At the same time, it’s nearly impossible to know what brands line up with our values. We want to provide the information that allows you to make the best decision you possibly can. Because every time we have a choice, we can choose to have a significantly lower impact on the planet and the people and animals that live on it.

Stop greenwashing

It can be very challenging to find out how fair a company is. Some companies deliberately make this worse by claiming to be more sustainable than they actually are. This corrupt process is referred to as greenwashing and it has to stop. When we all make more informed decisions, greenwashing loses its value.

Increase transparency

We believe it’s the responsibility of every brand to be transparent about their impact. When you buy from brands who conduct their business in a fair and transparent way, you support the demand for transparency.

Support fair brands

Brands that conduct business in a fair and transparent manner are generally not as big as their careless counterparts. Even though their products are often of higher quality in multiple ways, it’s hard to compete. When we opt for more sustainable brands, we do not only support their growth, but also our own future. So how about giving these brands the support they deserve?

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